My Philosophy

Being sick comes along with worries, insecurities and doubts, which not only affect patients but their entire social context or their entire family.

As your physician I strive to pay particular attention to this fact, alongside all the state of the art medical option we provide of nowadays.

This is my personal philosophy.

  • Dr. Martin Kasper bei der Behandlung
  • Porträt von Dr. Martin Kasper
  • Porträt von Dr. Martin Kasper



Medical school at the Medical University Vienna


Medical intern at KH Elisabethinen Linz, Barmherzige Schwestern Wien, Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital


Medical training in Internal Medicine at the Department of Internal Medicine, Kaiser Franz Josef Spital, II. MED, Div. of Rheumatology & Osteology, incl. training in Nephrology and Diabetology, Infectiology, Cardiology, Oncology, and Intensive Care.


Start with my private practice


Chief Resident for Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

since 2021

Private Specialist in Vienna and Mödling

Additional diplomas

Special Diploma for Psychosocial Medicine and Psychosomatic Medicine

Diploma for Continuing Medical Education by the Austrian Medical Association (DFP diploma)

My regular attendance of international medical congresses (USA and Europe) ensures that I am always up to date and can assist you with state-of-the-art medical competencies.